More About Us

Mountain Quest Landscaping operates in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Flamborough and Plano. We have a tendency to full service landscape and Property Maintenance and field care company that was based in 2000. Our nice team of knowledgeable employees has over thirty five years’ expertise within the property and field maintenance, lawn care, fertilizing, landscaping, husbandry and snow removal business. With our immense array of landscape construction and field maintenance services, and our giant affiliates, Mountain Quest is your one stop buy all of your house comes and property desires.

We presently give landscape property maintenance (lawn care and garden care) to over a hundred properties in Halton and encompassing areas and perform an array of landscape construction annually. We have a tendency to perpetually attempt to outdo ourselves and exceed our customer’s expectations, with the goal that our purchasers can lief suggest Mountain Quest Landscaping to potential purchasers.

Our name may be a Cut higher than the Rest! we have a tendency to totally insure, and are members of Landscape Orlando (LO), the American Nursery Landscape Association (ANLA), the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).

At Mountain Quest we have a tendency to perpetually excelling to stay up with the business standards and education that is why we have a tendency to recently became Techo-Pro Certified. At Mountain Quest, we have a tendency to conjointly believe being active members of the larger Burlington and Oakville community, patriots of our American country, yet as advocates of international aid. We have a tendency to presently sponsor charities, together with Tree North American nation (which promotes re-forestation and facilitate keeps our country inexperienced and beautiful), and therefore the spirit Brother’s Charity Ursus Maritimus Dip control at Oakville”s enthronement Park (which is each a community event and helps give recent running water to indigent villages in third World Countries round the globe).

Mountain Quest Landscaping