How to Use Trimmer to Cut Hair

When wondering how to use trimmers to cut hair, people usually stop short in the wondering phase. They don’t understand the difference between a clipper and a trimmer. A clipper is a larger instrument with guards that cut hair to different buzzed lengths. It is usually purchased by hairstylists and moms who do a larger volume of cuts.

A trimmer can also do the job of a clipper if it has guards, it’s just smaller so it takes longer and has less power. It can be good for doing the occasional kid’s haircut where the small length of the blade can be a good thing. One stand out trimmer is Wahl’s Peanut. The Peanut has lots of power and different guards on it. It is the staple trimmer that hairstylists use for their trimming needs, like outlining the cut.

When you use a clipper or trimmer, make sure to use the guards if you don’t want bald hair. Make sure the guards are secure before you turn on the machine or touch it to the hair. A small numbered guard, like a 1, will produce the shortest cut, and a longer guard, like an 8, will produce the longest length of hair. The 8 generally leaves a finger width of hair. Buy trimmer from for regular and exceptional use.

Just shave upwards to achieve the shaved look in the back of a man’s cut up to the crown and about halfway up the sides. The guard can be taken off to outline the ears and back of the cut. Just tilt the trimmer on it’s side and press one side lightly to the exact area that needs cutting and trace along that line.

Finally, the blending can happen, where you match the short pieces to the length of hair that you cut on the sides and top. This will take a bit of skill to master. You really want to get rid of that line of demarcation where the trimmer stopped and the scissoring began. Don’t overdo it, or you will cut it too short and have to start over.

Cutting hair is not difficult but it is not easy either. Professionals go to school for years to get it right. Here is the quick how to use trimmers to cut hair guide.