How to Use Steamer for Clothes

One of the best way of removing wrinkles from your clothes is by the use of steamers. A steamer is an equipment that works by heating water until it becomes steam and then the steam is applied on a relaxing fabric fiber by a nozzle consequently eliminating the wrinkles. Whereas steamers are not as common as the traditional iron boxes, they are actually the best and easiest way to get wrinkles out of your piece fabric. In the following discussion we are going to look at how to use clothes steamer. Steameradvisor is the safe heaven for high quality, reasonable priced and best use cloth steamer.

Know the fabric that can be steamed and one that cannot

Steamers can really do a good job in terms of de-wrinkling pieces of fabric. However, it’s good to understand that not all fabrics can steamed. Some of the fabrics that can be steamed include: cotton, silk, polyester and wool. On the other hand the other fabric that cannot be steamed include suede, waxed jackets and finally melting materials such as plastic.

Prepare steamer for use

This normally involves a procedure where you are required to firstly pour water into the tank of the steamer and importantly ensuring that all the steamer parts are secured properly to avoid leaking the water everywhere. You then supposed to plug your steamer in and allow it to heat till steams starts to form. Finally, ensure that it’s steaming nicely before you commence to use it.

Hang the clothe you wish to steam

Steamers normally work on clothes while they are hanged. The upright position is actually the easiest way of removing wrinkles from the fabric. The upright steamers usually come with attached hanging poles but with handheld steamers you must hang your piece of cloth on the either the shower rod or anything that can support it upright.

Steam the cloth by running the steamer in a downward stroke along the involved fabric.

While doing this you do not necessarily need to press the fabric against anything since the steamer will just work by gently removing the wrinkles by its own. The only thing you are supposed to do is to press the steam button often so that steam can be applied on the cloth.

Allow your garment to dry

Normally after steaming your cloth will be dumped but this should not shock you because it’s just normal. Give the cloth a duration of 5-10 minutes to dry before you can use it.